Photography by Kate Green

The shrill, formidable cry of fifteen year-old teenagers echoes throughout the miniaturised stadium with frightening ferocity. The entrance of vocalist Hayley Williams skipping onto the stage (and now sporting long blonde hair) is enough to send the army of converse and skinny jeans strapped youngsters into a frenzy of lust.

Supporting acts Now, Now Every Children, Paper Route and You Me At Six are strangely quiet, but Paramore rectifies this by launching onto the stage with incredible volume. The introductory riff of their 2009 record Brand New Eyes lifts everyone in the stands up onto their feet, clapping in rhythm as they wait for Hayley’s voice to penetrate.

Yet despite being three albums strong (their latest claiming the UK no.1 in September) Hayley Williams’ voice begins rather nervously. Her projection is absent in the first two songs of their set list, setting a timid start to the final leg of their fall tour. Fortunately, all of the fans that have made it to London are singing in unison and help save the show until Hayley can find her way.

Guitarists Josh Farrow and Taylor York are flawless from the very beginning, working together beautifully with obvious practise and experience. That’s What You Get really signals the start of the Wembley performance, as all five members pour out their energy into keeping the crowd satisfied. Hayley jumps and kicks her way across the stage in a red tank top vest, gripping a striped red and yellow microphone without a hint of discomfort. Her diaphragm seems at ease and allows her to hit all the difficult notes, even throwing in some spoken lyrics to keep the live performance unique.

The backdrop behind them is a stereotypical red curtain, peppered with hanging art frames that mimic the artwork from Brand New Eyes. New tracks Turn It Off and Looking Up build on the ‘feel good’ atmosphere resonating from the band’s speakers, with some exceptional stand out fills from drummer Zac Farro. This leads into the halfway point, where the lights dim and Hayley addresses the crowd directly. They’ve received a letter recently and decide to call a couple to the stage, standing back with glee as a twenty-something male proposes to his girlfriend. It’s a nice touch and gives the band some time to thank their team and fans, ending with a triumphant ‘We. Are. Paramore!’ before catapulting themselves into the next track.

Sell out tours and a strong global presence means that Paramore have a large selection of singles to choose from. As a result none of their set list feels like its been made to fill time, with a few obscure choices from 2005 record All We Know Is Falling actually helping to give the performance its own personality. Emotional ballad The Only Exception calls for the crowd to raise their lighters and mobile phones, a now rather generic ploy to increase audience participation. Still, it has the desired effect and pulls everyone together, heightening the experience for their last trio of hits.

Misery Business might be overplayed by radio stations and Guitar Hero fanatics, but it still manages to burrow into the hearts of their listeners. Everyone bounces along with smiles plastered across their faces, the note perfect performance giving everyone a reason to cheer the Tennessee rockers along. Brick By Boring Brick ends the show on a fantastic high, the deep lyrics and catchy riffs signifying how the band have matured over the past 5 years. Watching them bow to the crowd, I must admit I was a little disappointed to see them leave without a true encore. However, if they can continue to make music at this standard – I think we’ll be seeing Paramore return to London for many years to come.

Main Set

1. Brand New Eyes Intro
2. Ignorance
3. I Caught Myself
4. That’s What You Get
5. Looking Up
6. Crushcrushcrush
7. Turn It Off
8. The Only Exception
9. Pressure
10. Careful
11. Where The Lines Overlap
12. Decode
13. My Heart


1. Misguided Ghosts
2. Misery Business
3. Brick By Boring Brick