I found a great artist recently through a couple of friends. Her name is Laura Marling and her new single, cross your fingers is out on June 9th 2008.

She has a beautiful voice and an interesting writing style. Her songs are both lyrically and musically beautiful and very listenable. She is obviously influenced by folk and country music as alot of her music has that kind of sound. However, some of it is very different and it’s all very good.

Miss Marling tore up the festival scene last year and has toured with a number of UK artists, including Jamie T, who personally invited her on tour with him last year after he attended her second-ever gig. She released her debut album, Alas I cannot swim in February 2008. You can listen to some of her tracks here:


She is playing at Auntie Annies in Belfast on the 2nd of July 2008. You can find out more information about the gig on their site:

Auntie Annies

And you can buy tickets here:


For only £9.00 its definitely worth a peek. I’ll be there and I hope to see you there too.